Tetra India Pvt. ltd. travels an Extra Mile As It is awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification


With the manufacturing industry in India contributing 17% towards the nation’s GDP and the government reducing the tax rates to 16% for those manufacturing units that become operational before 2023 it gives a huge impetus for foreign direct investments to establish new plants. Such incentives from the government led to a sudden rise in the demand for machines, tools, parts, food processing equipment, and other machinery. As a result, it boosted the demand for the rust-preventive oil market in India for the future. With their vision to align with the government’s growth-oriented approach, Tetra India Pvt. Ltd. has taken an important step to get ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

ISO Cert News takes this opportunity to congratulate Tetra India Pvt. Ltd. on taking this leap ahead.

Tetra India Pvt. Ltd. dealing in the manufacturing and supply of parting agents and rust preventive oil for Iron Foundries have coordinated excellently at each step of the process. To be certified from an IOAS accredited body makes an organization compliant to standards making them even more adept in delivering market ready products.

Accessing the quality of products for end users is important for any organization as it makes them relevant in the market. A premium product is one that has no residual quality left that functions to reduce the end-user experience. ISO 9001 requires calibration of measuring and testing equipment, also known as measurement traceability, as well as continuous development of the QMS’s efficacy. The objectives established by an organization’s leaders drive continuous improvement. The quality objectives should, at a minimum, handle the improvement of internal efficiency, individual customer requirements, and the degree of performance that the company’s industry experts provide.

Accreditation is a tool for fostering confidence and facilitating trade. Because of a lack of trust between certification organizations and their clients, IFOAM, the predecessor of IOAS, became engaged in accreditation in the late 1980s. There was a need for oversight of certification or control bodies (CBs) working in various countries to create confidence among producers and trust among traders. Certification from IOAS accredited body gives Tetra India Pvt. Ltd. a leap in its journey towards excellence and makes them gain firm ground over the market they cater to. 


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