e& UAE received ISO 37001:2016 Certification


ABAC Center of Excellence awarded e& UAE the eminent ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) certificate, a remarkable milestone in its commitment to ethical business practices.

The certification follows a thorough and acute auditing and examination process conducted by ABAC Center of Excellence Limited, meticulously assessing e& UAE adherence to the acute standards required for compliance with the ISO 37001:2016 guidelines.

As a leader in the worldwide telecommunications industry, e& UAE has continuously demonstrated its commitment to ethical business conduct and anti-bribery conformity. The ISO 37001:2016 certification, recognized as an acute global standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS), is a deep testament to the integrity and diligence of e& UAE’s process ethos. This certification is not just a regular acknowledgment, but definitive evidence of the robustness of e& UAE’s internal control and process designed to prevent, detect, and efficaciously address any instances of bribery. It underlines the organization’s commitment to administrating business with the maximum ethical standards and openness.

Th The scope of e& UAE’s certification includes all its head office processes, human resources, legal and compliance, administration, encapsulating finance, risk, governance, internal audit department, government relations, and procurement. This extensive-inclusion ensures that e& UAE’s anti-bribery efforts are profound embedded within the company’s culture and operation.

“e& UAE’s ethical leadership in telecommunications is inspirational, setting a benchmark for integrity worldwide.”— Zafar Anjum, Group CEO, ABAC.

Brooke Lindsay, Group Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, e& expressed pride in this achievement: “Achieving the ISO 37001:2016 certification transcends mere regulatory compliance; it embodies the essence of our ethos at e& UAE. We are committed to upholding the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards, which are deeply embedded in our organizational DNA. This certification by ABAC™ is a testament to our dedication to cultivating an environment of absolute ethical integrity and transparency.”

Zafar Anjum, Group CEO at ABAC Center of Excellence Limited, lauded e& UAE’s efforts, stating: “e& UAE’s path to securing ISO 37001:2016 certification sets a benchmark for corporate diligence. Their proactive adoption and implementation of world-class anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures stand as a model in the industry. It is truly inspiring to witness a telecommunications giant like e& UAE at the forefront, spearheading a global movement towards ethical business conduct. Their actions are not just commendable but are paving the way for a new standard in corporate responsibility and integrity.”

Source link: https://www.wfla.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/698925570/abac-center-of-excellence-limited-awards-iso-37001-certification-to-e-uae


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