Pulse Roll Label Products received triple ISO Certification


Pulse Roll Label Products aims to achieve sustainable growth after passing triple ISO surveillance audits without any recorded Incompatibilities. 

Following the latest audit, Pulse has received certification under the international organization for standardization’s ISO 9001 for quality management. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized and widely used for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Pulse is also certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). It demonstrates its commitment to establishing safe and secure workplaces to ensure its people and globe do not suffer due to its processes.

Following the Acknowledgment of its successful environmental initiatives, Pulse now plans to continue this action by researching how it can further decrease its carbon footprint by reducing its energy consumption.

The organization is also looking for ways to tackle scope 3 emanations by identifying ways to support its suppliers and customers in their own environmental initiatives.

“We are delighted that following our recent assessment we were found to be liv-ing up to our commitment of delivering quality products without compromise on workplace health and safety or the environment,” said Gary Seward, managing director of Pulse. “We already held ISO 9001 and had all the measures in place for the other two – we just needed the rubber stamp.

“This accreditation by ISO shows just how seriously we take all these issues, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels having achieved them,” Seward added. “We plan to use this as a springboard to further reducing our environmental impact due to energy consumption and to better support emissions reduction throughout the entire flexo printing supply chain.

“We have always been committed to providing excellent flexo products including a leading range of inks and coatings, and these certifications demonstrate our dedication to the quality management systems that make this possible. Achieving them should give our customers confidence that our products, people, and the environment are central to everything we do.”


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