OTT Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. is awarded ISO 9001:2015


The ISO 9001:2015 certification outlines requirements for a quality management system (QMS) that can be applied to any organization, regardless of its size, type, or industry. In the services industry, such as import, export, warehousing, and transportation, certification can bring about several changes.

Firstly, the certification emphasizes the importance of risk-based thinking, which means that organizations must identify and address potential risks and opportunities that could affect the quality of their services. This requires a more proactive approach to quality management, and organizations must demonstrate that they have processes in place to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.

Secondly, the certification requires organizations to focus on customer satisfaction and meeting customer needs and expectations. This means that organizations must understand their customers’ requirements and preferences and ensure that their services meet or exceed them. Additionally, organizations must have processes in place for handling customer complaints and feedback.

Thirdly, the certification requires organizations to have a strong focus on continuous improvement. This means that organizations must regularly review their processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance their services’ quality continually.

Establishing the effect of these conditions OTT Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. has attained significant changes in the services industry by emphasizing risk-based thinking, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

In summary, the ISO 9001:2015 certification has brought about significant changes in OTT Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. by emphasizing threat-based thinking, client fulfillment, and consistency in implementing change. After achieving this certification OTT Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. can demonstrate its commitment to providing high-quality services and improving its performance continually.


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