Tenon Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd. Bagged ISO 22301:2019 Certification


Tenon Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd. is a global market leader with over 25 years of experience. The organisations decided to streamline their various business operations with multiple ISO 22301:2019 Certifications.

The company received IOAS-accredited ISO 22301:2019 certification to ensure business continuity even during crises and unexpected incidents. The scope of the certification includes the Provision of Integrated Facility Management Services and Property Management Services.

What is ISO 22301 certification?

The ISO 22301 certification mandates an organisation to implement appropriate tools and policies to manage disturbances and unprecedented events and bounce back quickly. It establishes a solid business continuity management system (BCMS) that demonstrates dedication to safeguarding its operations and reducing downtime during unplanned occurrences by increasing resilience and gaining the trust of stakeholders. 

Benefits of ISO 22301:2019 standard for Tenon Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd.

ISO 22301 is a standard for Business Continuity Management Systems that ensures the long-term success of an organisation. It offers the following benefits to Tenon Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd.:

  • ISO 22301 standard enhances organisational resilience by strengthening its ability to manage crises and reducing the impact of disruptions to ensure business continuity.
  • It improves the trust and confidence of stakeholders, clients, and customers. Moreover, the certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to streamline business operations to mitigate threats and non-conformities.
  • ISO 22301 helps organisations meet legal and regulatory requirements related to business continuity management and ensures adherence to industry standards and best practices. 


Tenon Facility Management India Pvt. Ltd.’s commitment to maintaining compliance with ISO 22301 standards to sustain business continuity ensures long-term success. Moreover, the standard also assists organisations in achieving intended outcomes by implementing international best practices and expanding their business worldwide.


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