PT BALARAJA SARANA BAJA demonstrates its commitment to ethical business practices with ISO 37001:2016 Certification


Businesses provide quick and persuasive solutions to various day-to-day problems. Moreover, they aim to make our lives more comfortable and easier. Organizations develop a strong and productive bond of trust and transparency with their clients, customers, and business partners. Corruption can significantly damage an organization’s reputation by eroding trust among stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees. It can also lead to legal and financial consequences, such as fines, penalties, and loss of business opportunities.

PT Balaraja Sarana Baja, an Indonesia-based company, has recently bagged an IAS-accredited ISO 37001:2016 certification. Moreover, the scope of the certification includes the Provision of Steel Frame Installation, Road and Railway Construction Building, Wholesale Trade of Metal Goods, and Mechanical Installation.

Why does an organization apply for ISO 37001 certification?

Acquiring an ISO 37001 certificate will help PT Balaraja Sarana Baja to scale its business globally and increase revenue. ISO 37001 is an internationally recognized framework for Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS). Moreover, it demonstrates an organization’s commitment to identifying and eliminating bribery incidents from the root level to the top management. Organizations with a 37001 certificate follow an ethical code of conduct and zero bribery tolerance policy.   

What are the benefits of the ISO 37001:2016 standard for PT Balaraja Sarana Baja?

ISO 37001 certification offers a goldmine of benefits to PT Balaraja Sarana Baja. These are:

• ISO 37001 exhibits its dedication to moral business conduct and boosts client and consumer confidence in the firm. The certification creates a positive image of the company in the market and increases brand credibility.

• ISO 37001 measures and maintains compliance with international and domestic anti-bribery regulations by implementing best practices. It also assists organizations in avoiding statutory and regulatory fines by identifying and eliminating bribery incidents.

• The ISO 37001 standard offers organizations a systematic method for identifying and reducing bribery risks. However, it shields the business from monetary losses and brand damage.


Corruption can destroy the years of hard work put in by an organization to create a brand in the market in a second. However, having an ISO 37001:2016 certificate ensures an organization’s commitment to identify and mitigate bribery incidents and follow an ethical code of conduct.


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