Nayara Energy Limited Has Taken A Step To Deliver Fresh Food From Farms To Plates


Nayara Energy Limited is India’s 2nd-largest and one of the most complex and modern single-site refineries. The company deals with the hydrocarbon value chain across the country and aims to deliver quality products and services to its customers and clients. The company is known for its best-in-class infrastructure and processes and decided to go for ISO 22000:2018 certification.

ISO 22000 certification outlines the guidelines and requirements for Food Safety Management System (FSMS). The purpose of this standard is to serve natural and healthy food for consumption. Acquiring this standard will improve their retail network, institutional business, and supply and distribution.

The scope of the certification includes 1. Banqueting 2. Dining and Food Service 3. Food Production. It demonstrates their pledge to deliver fresh food products from farms to plates and promote healthy living.

Nayara Energy Limited ensures that the provisions of the ISO 22000 align with the organization’s goals. It assesses and measures processes at every level of the food supply chain to eliminate any hazards and adulteration. It monitors every part of the food supply chain that might directly or indirectly cause unintended outcomes.

The benefits of ISO 22000:2018 to Nayara Energy Limited

ISO 22000:2018 certification for Food Safety Management System (FSMS) offers the following benefits to Nayara Energy Limited:

  • It demonstrates the organization’s responsible behavior and makes your brand more trustworthy. Hence, expand your market size. 
  • ISO 22000 standard reduces extra costs incurred on penalties and regulatory fines. Furthermore, it increases the revenue generated by the organization. 
  • It exhibits that the organization complies with all the regulations and keeps a record of all the processes and procedures. 
  • Food Safety Management System (FSMS) follows the principle of continuous development. It conducts a risk assessment to identify shortcomings and non-conformities to improve the organization’s overall performance. 
  • It is a globally recognized standard and a hallmark of trust and reliability. ISO 22000 certification enables organizations to embark their footprints on foreign land. 


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