Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance Achieves ISO 41001:2018 Certification for Its KSA Operations


One of the top facility management and maintenance firms in the region, Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance, has received the globally acclaimed ISO 41001: 2018 accreditation in International Facility Management Standards for its KSA operations. Following two evaluation cycles, including testing and inspection, followed by certification, Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance received the certification.

In addition, Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance after achieving ISO 41001:2018 has provided them a well-structured framework that aids businesses in addressing the opportunities and difficulties of the upcoming industry. From the tactical operations stage through strategic planning, it aids organisations to assure effective management, operation, and repair of corporate assets, the use of facility management systems provides consistent service delivery.

For Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance, it is a significant accomplishment. These certifications highlight Jood Company for Operations and Maintenance’s capacity to provide the best-integrated services that meet global quality and sustainability standards, reiterating their regional FM leadership. By receiving these certifications and renewing them, they can keep establishing new standards for providing effective FM solutions throughout the Middle East.

Additionally, it aids in gaining economies of scale and lowering overhead.

The potential of meeting the demands and expectations of their customers, the demand organisation, and other interested parties by providing facility management services more successfully and efficiently.

It enhances internal organization-wide requirements and methodology communication as well as external stakeholder communication.

An international standard for facilities management systems (FMS) called ISO 41001:2018 was published in April 2018 and acknowledges FM organisations for ensuring the functionality, leadership, governance, planning, risk management, and operational competence of the built environment by fusing together people, place, process, systems, and technology.

The core competency of Jood Company For Operations and Maintenance has always been its capable team of engineers and technical staff, who adhere to established international quality standards, risk and sustainability management framework, and deliver value-added, customer-centric FM services and improved customer experiences to all of its B2B and B2C clients. The business offers integrated facilities management services that employ affordable, creative solutions to raise service quality, reduce costs, and lessen clients’ environmental impact.


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