Motives Driving N.T.P Haxhijaha Sh.P.K. To Adopt ISO 50001:2018 Certification


Some organisations have certain motivation that acts as an important factor to make them adopt ISO 50001 (Energy Management Standard). These motivation factors are an important source behind any organisation to make them adopt ISO 50001 standard. First is a three point factor where ecology drivers and competitive advantage become an important nexus in social requirements. Second is the difficulty in ISO 50001 adoption: operational and organizational difficulties. Third states the type of benefits that are ecological and operational in nature.  So for N.T.P Haxhijaha Sh.P.K. implementing an energy management system yielded substantial energy-saving effects. It suggested the four crucial components of strategy, tool, process, and technology that ensure the complete integration of energy efficiency into their process.

An organization can pursue a systematic method to continually enhance its energy performance, including energy efficiency, by using an energy management system.

For N.T.P Haxhijaha Sh.P.K. energy security, energy use, and consumption are three aspects of sustainability which became an important aspect for them to adopt ISO 50001:2018. Changing people’s perceptions that energy reduction does not necessarily have an influence on safety, quality, or production cycle time is problematic when implementing ISO 50001 in some organizations.

Not only does ISO 50001:2018 standard is a powerful tool for organizations to improve their energy performance, but it also changes how an organization functions. The basis for the exploratory factor analysis was the reasons why businesses choose to become certified to ISO 50001. As a result, three latent constructs or components were established, which were used to uncover the reasons. The latent constructs were assigned the labels “social requirements,” “ecology drivers,” and “competitive advantage” based on how the ISO 50001:2018 motives drive the organization to adopt this management system.

ISO CERT News congratulates N.T.P Haxhijaha Sh.P.K. for obtaining ISO 50001:2018 certification.


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