Make sure to opt a right ISO Certification body for your organization


None will make you aware of treachery except the authentic information you are updating yourself with. Recently, it is found that in the surprise visit by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) many Certification body were caught being irresponsible in their processes. Halting their operations, International Accreditation Service (IAS) has done its job. Accreditation is an intensive responsibility as it is a verification where organization is being checked for following the certain guidelines to meet the established quality standards and perform conformity tasks that incudes inspection, testing, certification and the like.

Now, since the International Accreditation Service is actively working on identifying and halting the scammers, it is also the duty of every responsible individual to be well acquainted with the certification bodies accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). There are several organizations in the market certifying themselves without any process and just getting certification to market this to their consumers. Getting accredited within the guided process could benefit the organization in many ways which includes gaining trust of customers, revenue generation, delivering quality products and services, eliminating possible errors in their functioning etc.

Your business reputation in the contemporary market, functioning of the process to deliver the final product is dependent on the status of the certification body whom you are getting accredited. Apart from established organizations, Start-ups too must learn about the benefits of complying with the ISO standards and opting for the recognized certification body. In the market, it has been observed that there are some agencies providing just certification without any audit witnesses or executing the required steps before handing over the certificate. Opting for an easy path for the certification may take your organization towards a huge loss and damaging the reputation.

It is a universal truth that, “There are no shortcuts and easy paths to have fruitful results”. Choosing the right path will direct your organization to the next level. For achieving remarkable results and inevitable reputation, organizations must choose the listed certification bodies listed by International Accreditation Service.

Too know more about the miscreants caught by the IAS, click on the link –


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