BSI Published a New Standard to Enable Better Data Management for Automated Vehicle Trials


British standards council (BSI), the UK’s national standard body introduced the first consent standard to enable data collection and management for automated vehicle trials. The standard was backed by the government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and is the fourth publication from the CAV Standards Programme. It got delivered in conjunction with the department of transport, energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Innovate UK and Zenzic. This standard is mainly for incident investigation.

To ensure safety across all trials being conducted in the UK the new standard, PAS 1882:2021, Data collection and management for automated vehicle trials for incident investigation – Specification, ensures consistency in information across trailing organizations. The data gathered by automated vehicles can be a useful source of information to support forensic or fact-finding information, which is essential for understanding safety issues and carrying out incident analysis, which can help establish trust.

During automated vehicle trials and advanced trials in the UK, the new standard PAS 1882 establishes requirements for the collection, arrangement, storage and sharing of information regarding information gathered or received by the system. The data considered necessary for the automated driving systems operation is the subject of information requirements. It contains information that can be received, generated or hold by any trailing organization but this information cannot be used to directly operate the vehicle.

Nick Fleming, Head of Mobility and Transport Standards at BSI, said: “Data captured by automated vehicles, or driverless cars, will play an important role in promoting trust and safety improvements by enabling incident investigation and analysis. PAS 1882, contains a common set of requirements for data collected in automated vehicle trials and was developed with experts across the UK CAV eco-system. A consistent approach to data collection and management during trials showcases the UK’s commitment to safe innovation”.

The latest publication, Assuring the safety of automated vehicle trials and testing – Specification, provides the safety case framework for trials by supporting operational safety assurance through the development of information requirements for incident investigation has been built on the requirements set out in PAS 1881.

A leading group of technical experts representing organizations in the UK CAV eco-system, including automated vehicle developers, testbeds, and road authorities introduced this standard. Burges Salmon, Loughborough University and the University of York acted as technical authors for the new PAS.



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