BEE HIVE HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY acquired an ISO 37001:2016 certificate to tackle bribery incidents


Bee Hive Human Resource Consultancy was founded by individuals from the HR industry with over 35 years of experience in construction and financial accounting to become one of the top recruitment firms in the GCC. Additionally, Beehive has an internship division that finds the top individuals from universities and colleges worldwide who specialise in hospitality and helps them secure internships with prestigious hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

Bee Hive Human Resource Consultancy received IAS-accredited ISO 37001:2016 for Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS). The scope of the certification includes Providing Human Resource Consultancy, Recruitment and Placement Services.

What is ISO 37001 Certification?

ISO 37001 certification requires organisations to formulate appropriate anti-bribery policies, training, and risk assessments with due diligence on projects and business partners. Moreover, it offers financial and commercial controls for organisations to establish reporting and investigation procedures. It mandates an organisation to appoint individuals to oversee anti-bribery compliance to prevent, detect, and address bribery incidents.

Benefits of ISO 37001:2016 standard for BEE HIVE HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY

ISO 37001 standard offers a goldmine of benefits to Bee Hive Human Resource Consultancy. These are:

  • Compliance Assurance: ISO 37001 certification ensures adherence to anti-bribery standards by reducing legal risks and protecting an organisation’s reputation.
  • Enhanced Trust: ISO 37001-certified organisations increase clients’ and customers’ confidence and trust. Moreover, it helps an organisation to build long-term relationships with its partners and stakeholders.
  • Reduced Corruption: ISO 37001 promotes a culture of ethics by curbing bribery and corruption. It also saves extra costs and preserves organisational integrity.
  • Global Market Access: Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) Certification opens doors to international markets.


Bee Hive Human Resource Consultancy is a team of experts in construction and financial accounting. It also has an internship division that identifies the best students from universities and colleges. Moreover, an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) demonstrates their commitment to ethical and moral business practices within the organisation.


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