UK Logix Security International Co. Ltd awarded ISO 9001:2015


While the focus of a QMS is not on profits, its efficient implementation can and frequently does improve a company’s bottom line. Indeed, many organizations have effectively employed quality management systems to increase their revenues, frequently through the hidden and unconsidered benefits that are not immediately visible when looking at the framework of a QMS. UK Logix Security International Co. Ltd dealing in the supply of IT-based Security Services has certain advantages under its belt after adopting ISO 9001:2015.

Advantages of Being ISO 9001:2015 Compliant:

Productivity gains that are visible.

Enhanced efficiency in the utilization of corporate resources.

Improved client loyalty, resulting in repeat business, Increased employee and corporate morale, which lowers turnover rates (thereby decreasing costs of training new employees).

Goals and ambitions that are difficult to achieve but promote company growth and expansion.

A sense of accountability and an appreciation for individual effort encourages open communication and active participation from employees at all levels.

The flexibility allows for quick and appropriate responses to opportunities and challenges.

Tracking and monitoring systems that are thorough and capable of detecting faults, gaps in production and customer satisfaction, and key issues within processes, goals, or functions.

UK Logix Security International Co. Ltd. is no different and from the time it became ISO 9001:2015 compliant it has reaped all the above benefits. This pragmatic step in their industrious journey has led ISO Cert News to wish them even great years ahead.

This becomes even more relevant when UK Logix Security International Co. Ltd. is accredited by an IAS-certified body.

This has its own underlying benefits.

IAS accreditation means that a people certification body has proved that it is technically and administratively capable to certify personnel within the area of accreditation awarded by IAS. Accreditation attests to the personnel certification body’s conformity with the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Personnel Certification Bodies, as well as the pertinent parts of quality standards listed therein.


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