A Growth Trajectory For The Maintainers on getting ISO 41001:2018 Certified


Facility management system applied by facility management organizations that meet all of the ISO 41001: 2018 standards is having a growing impact on organizations. This 41001 standard focuses on developing, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing an integrated facility management system in companies to ensure that business activities run smoothly. It is the world’s first facility management system standard, against which a facility management organization may be evaluated and measured.

Following the same norms The Maintainers has decided to move ahead with ISO 41001: 2018 which has given them a competitive edge over others.

The current facility management market is highly fragmented, with unorganized firms dominating. The ISO 41001:2018 facility management system provides a structured framework that assists firms in meeting future market opportunities and challenges. It assists enterprises in transitioning from strategic planning to tactical operating. We recommend that enterprises implement the ISO 41001:2018 facilities management system because it will benefit your organization in the following ways.

  • The use of a facility management system allows for consistent service delivery by assuring the efficient administration, operation, and repair of business assets.
  • It also aids in cost-cutting and gaining economies of scale.
  • You will be able to provide facility management services in a more effective and efficient manner, satisfying the needs and expectations of your clients/demand organization and other interested parties.
  • Improves internal communication of requirements and procedures and outward communication with stakeholders.
  • Improves cost-efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in cost savings for your firm.
  • Improves your workforce’s productivity, safety, health, and well-being.
  • Allows you to meet the needs of interested parties and applicable requirements on a consistent basis.
  • Aids in attaining sustainability in a globally competitive context.

The Maintainers have a wide range of industry verticals that they cater to like Building Maintenance Works / Facilities Management / Premises Management Services / Installation And Maintenance Of Air Conditioners And Heating Systems, Trading In Hospitals Kits / Installation Of Electromechanical Equipment And Maintaining Them / Building And Houses Cleaning Services / Residential Electronic Systems Installation / Plumbing ( Pipe Fitter) Extensions Of Water And Sewer Pipes, Installation And Repairing Of Sanitary Ware / Repairing Electrical Extensions And Installation / Carrying Out Tests, Inspection, Budgeting, Auditing And Monitoring Of Engineering And Technical Works. Such a wide area of work has got distinctly strengthened with ISO 41001: 2018 certification from an IAS-accredited body. The Maintainers has set a new benchmark in their journey aligning them with the standards of operations mentioned in IAS accreditation.  


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