Tech Avant-Garde is All Set to Reinforce Hybrid Learning Spaces in AICTE Approved Colleges


All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has published a circular AICTE/NEAT/2021-2022 for all its accredited colleges and institutes directing the Vice-Chancellors/Principals/Directors to introduce and implement a hybrid system unanimously in all the Technical Colleges in India.

Tech Avant-Garde is a technology services organization established with the purpose to anchor and guide AICTE accredited educational institutions to reform from physical to hybrid learning centres.

“The reason for this circular was – the COVID-19 pandemic radically disrupted every aspect of life, including education. This disruption left educational institutions clamouring for systems and structures that ensure a continuation of learning for all students. In this context, an initiative by AICTE recommending Hybrid Learning in technical colleges to make them robust and lockdown proof which is much essential.”- said Dr Buddha Chandrasekhar, Chief coordinating officer, All India Council for Technical Education.

The hybrid learning spaces should maintain specific standards, including the learning environment, Class community, Lesson design, Engagement and interactivity and Assessment and feedback. The implementation of hybrid learning spaces must be unanimous.

Tech Avant-Garde is an award-winning Global Training Partner and Independent Software Vendor of Microsoft and guides educational institutions in implementing Hybrid Learning. TAG has provided training to over 10000 Heads of Educational Institutions and 40000 educators on Hybrid Learning. Knowledge Worker Program is an initiative by TAG to encourage teachers to teach each other to become Hybrid Educators.

“The hybrid model combines the best of in-school and remote learning, with digital engagement. It’s more than a quick fix. It is a way to enhance and accelerate learning by providing student-centred approaches to meet diverse learners’ needs.”- said Ali Sait, CEO of Tech Avant Garde (TAG)

TAG also provides free-of-cost advice and audit services. An educational institution can call on #91-8139999211 or email to for any clarifications. If any educational institution decides to implement a Hybrid Learning centre, it can fill in the form by clicking on the following link:

To transform from a physical to dynamic hybrid learning model, colleges and universities must build resilient structures in their institutions. There are three strategies that help institutions in creating resilience, which are:

• Collaborative Capacity-Building – In order to transform into a dynamic hybrid model educational institutions can use technology to facilitate collaboration between leaders and instructors.

• Standardize Digital Platforms – To promote a cohesive and interactive student learning experience colleges and universities must use technological tools. Educational Institutions should regulate the implementation of these tools to streamline communications and workflows. It aims to create a standardized digital platform that enables students to become proficient with tools and allows them to focus on learning than navigating the technology.

• Utilize the chosen Digital Platform for Change Management – It is necessary for an educational institution to implement a standardized digital platform to facilitate transformation in the management across all stakeholders within their systems.
Tech Avant-Garde has specialization in the following area:

• Audit: The likelihood of the existing traditional educational institutions going digital is determined by the TAG.

• Advice: It defines the road map for the digital transformation of an educational institution.

• Assistance: TAG enables educational institutions to restructure education by introducing enlisted stakeholders for the activities, including Classroom Design, IT Infrastructure Design, Hardware, Implement of Learning Community (CLC) Platform, Sourcing financial assistance, Training of Staff, Training of Parents, Implementation of Digital Pedagogy, Implementation of NEP 2020, Implementation of Academic Credit Banking, Learning Devices, Amplifying achievement of educational institutions regarding Digital Transformation on digital platform and overseeing the end to end implementation.

Accreditation – TAG helps educational institutions to achieve ISO 21001 certification, Cyber Academe Accreditation, and Carte Blanche Certification. Showcase school etc.

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