Svarn Infratel Private Limited Gains ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Certification


Svarn Infratel Private Limited is successful in gaining QMS which guarantees that a quality system is in place for the orderly flow of the processes and strategies for their business. One that guarantees client approval and satisfaction results in improved employee performance and productivity, which in turn fosters loyal and repeat business from customers. Once these clients recommend the business to others, the company benefits by raising its market value. It is quite remarkable that Svarn Infratel Private Limited has taken a step ahead to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Svarn Infratel Private Limited has quite a varied scope where they Design, Develop, Manufacture and Supply of Sheet Metal Enclosures, Electrical Control Panels, Components and Various Types of Metal Fixtures/Display Units. Quality being a crucial component of fabrication that may make or ruin a brand’s reputation is what they chose to prioritise first. Implementing ISO 9001 Certification assists them in setting quality goals, evaluating goods, and offering ongoing training to staff members on the materials and applications of standard compliance. The application process for ISO 9001:2015 Certification reduces the potential for errors by raising the product’s quality and overcoming obstacles to satisfy consumer demands.

Apart from that ISO 14001:2015 has made Svarn Infratel Private Limited to generally adopt environmental management system (EMS) standard. This has increased their potential to correctly handle trash, manage hazardous products, and have a good impact on the environment as confirmed by ISO 14001 certification. Although the ISO 14001 can be combined with other standards, such as the ISO 9001, its primary objective is the proper management of wastes that endanger the environment.

Reducing the entire carbon footprint has numerous other advantages, including less risks to the environment and public health and lower risks and expenses for damage restoration. The development of a more environmentally friendly metal fabrication production method is a long-term investment with significant environmental benefits.

Another certification that gives their organisation the level of sophistication that makes it safer for employees is ISO 45001:2018. The organisation is now more adept in health protection, determining the risks associated with the activity, machinery, and equipment and coming up with the necessary solutions from time to time for their employees. 

Svarn Infratel Private Limited has turned their inherent potential towards their benefit. 


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