STANDARD SH.P.K., Known For Building Strong Structures, Is Now All Set To Establish An Environmental-Friendly And Energy Efficient Management System


STANDARD SH.P.K. is a renowned organization that builds concrete residential and non-residential buildings. The organizational vision is to adopt best practices and technology to shape a better world. The company invests in various projects across boundaries and works on four pillars: security, sincerity, dedication, and quality to achieve the intended outcomes.

STANDARD SH.P.K. received ISO 50001:2018 certification, demonstrating its commitment to safe and environmentally-friendly practices. The standard encompasses various business activities, including the Construction of Residential and Non – Residential Buildings, the Development of Building Projects, the Construction of utility projects for Fluids, and Other Low Work Construction. ISO 50001 standard is a global standard for Energy Management Systems (EnMS), and it helps in eliminating potential threats to nature by identifying factors that cause unintended outcomes.

ISO 50001:2018 Certification Offers The Following Benefits to STANDARD SH.P.K.

ISO 50001:2018 certification offers a goldmine of benefits to organizations, from enhancing their overall performance to achieving sustainable growth. The benefits of implementing ISO 50001:2018 standard are as follows:

  • ISO 50001:2018 certification indicates that the organization adopts environmental-friendly and safe business processes and procedures. It illustrates their socially responsible behavior and compliance with sustainable development principles. 
  • It oversees the issue of climate change; furthermore, it offers a way for the organization to contribute its share in creating a healthy ecosystem by implementing the provisions of ISO 50001 standards. 
  • It decreases their energy usage and assists in shortening operational costs. 
  • The organization encourages adopting energy-efficient technology and techniques to fulfill the organizational vision and mission. 
  • It determines the factors that might cause unintended environmental impacts and adopts a structured method to mitigate them. It supports downsizing the overall costs incurred by the business. 

ISO 50001:2018 certification for Energy Management Systems (EnMS). It outlines the guidelines for environmentally responsible and sustainable growth. The ISO 50001 standards monitor the processes and identify issues that cause adverse environmental impacts. The uniquely developed policies and principles of ISO 50001:2018 standards help organizations to attain sustainable growth. 


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