SRACO Company Consulting Pursues Excellence With ISO 41001:2018 Certification


A fundamental shift is taking place in the commercial real estate sector’s facilities management function in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The talk of the town right now is how it went from being a passive cost centre to releasing previously untapped value from idle assets and data. Facilities management has appeared as the magic pill that can address all of these issues and more in a world that is attempting to balance economic growth with sustainability and a business climate coming to terms with much more discerning customer behaviour.

SRACO Company Consulting is a pioneer in facilities management in Saudi Arabia and embodies excellence and professionalism. Taking pride in offering innovative, tailored facilities management solutions to their distinguished clientele. At SRACO Company Consulting, they think that a customised experience for each of our customers is important. Our main goal is to provide our stakeholders with value that increases their confidence in our knowledge. They assist clients in concentrating on their core business operations while preparing them for development and sustainability through their superior and effective services.

SRACO Company Consulting is witness to the rising expenses and numerous examples of poor management exposed in the media. In response organisations all over the world are becoming more and more conscious of the significance of good facilities management. As a result, they are working to apply best practises.  Adhering to the highest facilities management standards with the aid of ISO 41000:2018.

  • Boost workplace efficiency, safety, and wellbeing
  • Create an excellent working environment.
  • Increased profitability
  • Permit the organisation to concentrate its efforts on its primary revenue-generating operations.
  • Deliver measurable cost savings
  • Increase internal organisation efficiency and asset longevity.
  • Make yourself more marketable
  • The presence of efficient facility management systems to ensure consistent service is demonstrated by certification to ISO 41001.

And all these effects combined have resulted into making SRACO Company Consulting a strategic global partner. ISO Cert News congratulates SRACO Company Consulting on their achievement as an organisation.


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