SAM ELECTRIC CORPS LTD. On Its Way To Sustainable Development With ISO 50001:2018 Certification


It goes without saying that energy is a necessity for all industrial products or services that improve the standard of living for people. However, since the production of energy typically depends on the consumption of natural resources, when energy consumption rises, natural resource depletion, environmental contamination, and exposure of environmental dangers all occur simultaneously. Establishing an energy management strategy can help reduce energy use.

However, Technical difficulties with knowledge of cutting-edge energy-efficient technology and how to integrate them into the current system. Budgeting difficulties were among the difficulties with money. Competency gaps and issues with the correct people’s ability to gain the necessary abilities were issues in the human resource domains. It was discovered that competing departmental objectives frequently prevented the implementation of energy efficiency technologies with relatively favorable payback periods. Due to a lack of supportive operations and maintenance methods, even projects that were implemented did not last. 

But certain best practices for utilities that include formulating an organization-wide energy policy, creating an energy planning process, appointing management representatives to carry out departmental, cross-functional EnMS activities, implementing the most effective competency development and communication strategies, and addressing auditor, management, and employee feedback. A successful energy management system covers all the important aspects of the business driving sustainable behavior. SAM ELECTRIC CORPS LTD. has a similar motivation behind implementing ISO 50001:2018 certification.

For SAM ELECTRIC CORPS LTD their scope covers a wide rang of activities in Design, Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Transmission and Distribution, Transformer Station, Power Sub-Station and Power Production Plants of Solar Energy, Hydro Power and Thermal Energy. To maintain an efficient energy management system at the industrial level becomes of utmost importance in this scenario.

The following factors served as the organization’s driving forces in favor of energy management:

1. Strong business case for energy management: The environment has recently become a major worry for the long-term viability of the global business community. This causes substantial problems for individual businesses and has a negative impact on their long-term growth. The key factor bringing serious attention to the energy issue is managing energy resources to support business.

2. A firm-wide dedication to halting climate change: Climate change is to blame for extreme weather patterns and increasing sea levels. As greenhouse gases (GHG) such carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide become more and more concentrated, the greenhouse effect and global warming are caused.

3. Maintaining business: Over the past few years, energy expenses have significantly increased. Modern corporate operations depend substantially on energy, particularly electricity and fuel, therefore changes in energy prices directly affect overhead costs is important in terms of organizations.

4. Corporate responsibility: Another motivating factor for SAM ELECTRIC CORPS LTD to review its energy policy is the growing public awareness of the importance of being an energy-efficient firm. The energy efficiency of corporations is receiving more attention. Beyond maximizing profits, SAM ELECTRIC CORPS LTD strives to act responsibly toward the environment and community, including addressing public concerns about lowering energy waste, as part of corporate responsibility and investor trust.


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