PROINTER-WEB D.O.O Commitment to Energy Efficient Information Technology Solutions


PROINTER, based in Belgrade, is a prominent company specializing in IT services and solution implementation. The company’s foundation has evolved to meet market demands and contribute to Serbia’s overall success and information security development. PROINTER stays updated on advancements in designing, developing, and deploying exceptionally reliable, secure, and adaptable IT solutions and systems. The modern and adequate technologies used by the company enable efficient problem-solving in even the most crucial and demanding business domains.

The primary domains where Information Technology (IT) turns out to be ineffective without useful energy sources include energy tariffing and trading, grid planning, automation and control, grid integration of renewable energy sources and electric mobility, energy management, electrical protection, cyber security, and various data-driven applications such as predictive maintenance. The energy consumption of giant industries adversely impacts the environment if done carelessly and irresponsibly. Hence, to manage this problem, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed ISO 50001:2018 Certification.

Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification For PROINTER-WEB D.O.O

The successful implementation of ISO 50001 certification can offer a goldmine of benefits to PROINTER. The standard not only focuses on the efficient and responsible use of energy but also improves the overall environmental performance of the organization.

  • ISO 50001 is a foundation for an Energy Management System (EnMS) and fosters energy awareness and commitment within companies.
  • It serves as a universal standard for ensuring energy efficiency across global businesses.
  • It provides a unified framework for implementing energy efficiency practices that enable the organization to contribute to the global conservation of energy.
  • The certification enhances the organizational capability to efficiently and effectively manage energy risks and mitigate potential threats.
  • ISO 50001 provides a competitive edge and reduces vulnerability to frequent energy price fluctuations.
  • ISO 50001 certification emphasizes the need to identify and address risks and opportunities, both adverse and beneficial, through measures such as SWOT analysis.

PROINTER-WEB D.O.O provides information and telecommunication technology services, including technical support, equipment distribution and service provision. Furthermore, achieving an ISO 50001:2018 certification helps them achieve intended outcomes and win new businesses and clients.


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