With as part of the vision of the Arab University of Amman to place the university among the ranks of distinguished universities at the local and international levels, by empowering all academic and administrative units of the institute to achieve excellence and professional quality performance for the scientific and administrative body, Arab University of Amman obtained for the second consecutive time the ISO certificate in the application of the quality management system to educational institutions in compliance with the requirements of the international norm ISO 21001:2018, which is the newest international standard in teaching quality management, to be one of the first Jordanian universities to receive this certificate.

At this event, the President of the educational institution, Prof. Al-Widyan, stated that the institution is getting this certificate for the second time in a row is the outcome of the distinguished efforts of academy leaders, both by academic and administrative staff and also indicates the commitment of all its academic and administrative units to the application of international standards in the management of teaching quality that require proof of the institute’s capability to: Adhere to these standards and meet labour market requirements and employer satisfaction by developing the scientific, research and applied competencies of students.

Al-Widyan stated that the university received this certificate for the second consecutive time reinforce the strong belief that it is important that we all make an outstanding effort to advance our institute in a prestigious and reputable position among its peers and to advance the teaching process learning and scientific research by harnessing our energies and directing them towards the best way of serving the community and the country in the available capacities of the College.

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