Linen Care Centre from Lucknow Junction received ISO certification from a UK organization.


The North Eastern Railways (NER) Linen Care Centre at Lucknow Junction has successfully acquired ISO accreditation from a UK-based organization, guaranteeing that train passengers would be provided with clean and sanitary linen. The Lucknow Linen Care Centre has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates by Staunchly Management and Service Limited, England, in recognition of their outstanding linen cleaning services and extensive rail supply.

This achievement marks a significant milestone as the first division of the North Eastern Railway to attain such recognition, as announced by Divisional Railway Manager Aditya Kumar.

NER notes that the station’s linen treatment center can handle seven tons of linen every day. The center’s compliance with the Environmental Management System criteria is also indicated by the certification. It emphasizes, even more, how committed the center is to providing laundry services and giving genuine train passengers clean, sanitary sheets.

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