LATC MARINE LIMITED has attained ISO 9001:2015


LATC MARINE LIMITED is a major provider of full-service solutions for offshore and maritime industries. Over the previous decade, LATC Maritime has built a solid reputation as a major maritime logistics and offshore support services provider to Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. They provide a bespoke fleet of cutting-edge vessels that effortlessly combine modern technology with exceptional performance.

LATC MARINE LIMITED is committed to Quality Management Systems and has achieved IAS-accredited ISO 9001:2015. The scope of LATC MARINE LIMITED covers the Provision of Offshore Support Vessels and ISM Ship Management Services to the Offshore Industry.

ISO 9001:2015 is a global standard that sets the requirements for a quality management system. It defines the specific processes, procedures, and activities that firms must establish, implement, maintain, and improve to effectively manage the production of goods or the delivery of services. 

LATC MARINE LIMITED benefits from ISO 9001:2015 certification –

LATC MARINE LIMITED can obtain a competitive advantage in the market by exhibiting exceptional quality standards with ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 aids LATC MARINE LIMITED in demonstrating its commitment to high-quality goods and services by assisting it in maintaining compliance with ISO 9001 regulations. It also improves staff retention and job security. With ISO 9001, LATC MARINE LIMITED will find cost reductions and efficiency gains with more ease. This is achieved by removing the waste that might develop when procedures are kept up to date without considering the potential for inefficiencies during process handoff. Improved process flow can also be leveraged to push efficiencies toward lower error and rework rates, which can lead to greater cost reductions.

Hence LATC MARINE LIMITED has improved its overall consistency and has moved one step closer to its goals.


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