INFOMATICS Corp was Awarded ISO 27001:2013 Certification


ISO Cert News is pleased to announce that company has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certifications. This certification demonstrate Infomatics’ strong dedication to information security and effective IT service management. Such an accomplishment is an addition to the service provider’s ISO 9001 certification, which is based on the most widely recognised quality management standard concentrating on customer satisfaction.

These certificates were obtained after utmost diligence in working capability, which is recognised by the International Accreditation Forum to audit and certify firms pursuing ISO certifications.

Infomatics Corp is an organization that is working for 15 years and has a good presence in Information Security Activities Associated with Infomatics Corp Services, Human Resources, Interested Parties and Technical Staffing Support. All this in consonance with the Current Statement of Applicability.

The ISO 27001: 2013 accreditation demonstrates that an organization has built, maintained, and improved an information security management system within the organization. This standard makes potential clients and stakeholders aware that the organization has built a coherent approach to manage any security risks to essential information.

This certification comprises of 114 controls structured to validate the strength of an information security management system:

A.5: Policies for information security (2 controls)

A.6: Information security organization (7 controls)

A.7: Human resource security – six controls implemented before, during, and after employment

A.8: Asset administration (10 controls)

A.9: Control of access (14 controls)

A.10: Cryptography (2 controls)

A.11: Environmental and physical security (15 controls)

A.12: Operational safety (14 controls)

A.13: Communication safety (7 controls)

A.14: System acquisition, development, and upkeep (13 controls)

A.15: Supplier connections (5 controls)

A.16: Incident management for information security (7 controls)

A.17: Aspects of information security in business continuity management (4 controls)

A.18: Compliance with both internal needs like policies and external requirements like laws (8 controls)


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