Gyan Devi Public School’s commitment to its learners by complying with ISO 21001:2018


Educational institutes are the premises where children not only get an education but they build their characters over there. Considering the benefits of ISO 21001:2018, schools and other educational institutes these days are complying with the standard.

Recently, one of the popular schools in Gurugram, Gyan Devi Public School is awarded ISO 21001:2018 compliant and achieved credit towards their learners and interested parties. Since Gyan Devi Public School has fulfilled its responsibility by achieving the certification, the school deserves an extended congratulation from ISO Cert News. Complying with these standards guides educational providers to align their activities with their vision, mission, and values. It assists in more personalized learning with improved processes. Applicable to all organizations, this standard provides a curriculum for the development of attitude, knowledge, and skills.

Not even providing basic facilities and safety, some schools are still operating in the field with no legal actions against them. The concerned boards affiliating them intervene in this and must promptly act. This not only benefits educational institutes and learners but benefits society as a whole. Quality education and services from educational institutes are directly proportional to future of the society and the world.


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