EOX Vantage Private Limited (EVPL) is now SELF-accredited GDPR compliant


EOX Vantage Private Limited (EVPL) is a Private Limited Foreign Company Incorporated in Bangalore, India on 06 February 2020. EOX Vantage provides several innovative solutions targeted to specific business difficulties, ranging from real-time analytics to automation and artificial intelligence.

EOX Vantage Private Limited now becomes GDPR compliant to improve its scope of Design, Development and Maintenance of Enterprise Operating System Applications and the Provision of Back-end Support Services for Processes.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of digital privacy law that controls how businesses collect, process, and safeguard inhabitants of the European Union’s (EU) personal information. The law also regulates the transfer of personal data outside of the EU. Any personal information about EU citizens, whether it is kept inside the EU or outside, will be subject to the GDPR. The GDPR law defines personal data as any information that identifies a specific individual, including name, photograph, email address, bank information, updates on social networking websites, location information, medical data, and computer IP address.

GDPR is beneficial for EOX Vantage Private Limited in many ways. GDPR mandates EOX Vantage Private Limited to implement transparent data management practices. As a result, data quality is increased, data redundancy is decreased, and data governance is improved. GDPR requires EOX Vantage Private Limited to establish technological and organizational safeguards to protect personal data security. Organizations may better safeguard sensitive data and prevent unwanted access by using strong security measures such as encryption, access limits, and frequent data breach assessments.

Hence EOX Vantage Private Limited (EVPL) has now become reliable and efficient .


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