Daiwa Kasei India Implemented the Mother Standard, ISO 9001:2015


The importance of the Quality Management System is flourishing throughout the world. Being a mother standard ISO 9001:2015 is occupying every responsible organization and increasing credibility.

ISO Cert News would like to congratulate one of the leading organizations, Daiwa Kasei India Pvt. Ltd. for qualifying and successfully accredited as ISO 9001:2015 compliant. It is a badge of honor that every organization providing products and services must have. The organization, Daiwa Kasei India Pvt. Ltd. is into supplying the clips and clamps of Wire Harnesses. It is certain that in many ways the organization would be advantageous position such as the reliability from consumers, clients, and stakeholders.

Every Individual must understand it is important for an organization to comply with ISO 9001:2015 with whom you are having business. Delivering quality products and services is the responsibility of every organization. ISO 9001:2015 set out the requirements to enhance customer satisfaction by applying the effective application of the system. It assists in managing resources that include human resources and the working environment of an organization and the realization of products from design to delivery. You can use the logo of ISO 9001:2015 for marketing purposes after achieving the certification that your company meets the international standard’s requirement.


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