CASCADES DATA SOLUTIONS DBA INFOMATICS INDIA PRIVATE sets a new benchmark for quality with ISO 9001 certification


With 15 years of expertise, Cascades Data Solutions DBA Infomatics India Private is a Small, Woman, and Minority-Owned firm that offers corporate and government clients the employees and solutions they need to achieve their business goals. As an ISO-certified business, Cascades Data Solutions DBA Infomatics India Private has honed its processes for locating top personnel, offering smooth solutions, and maintaining high-quality services.

The company recently received IAS-accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification to demonstrate its commitment to Quality Management System (QMS). The scope of this certification includes the Provision of IT Consulting & IT Enabled Services, Digital Transformation & Application, Modernization, Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, and Training.

What is the ISO 9001:2015 standard?

ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. It demonstrates that a business upholds high standards for ensuring customer satisfaction and quality. The ISO 9001 certification proves a business’ commitment to offering trustworthy, high-quality products or services while streamlining its operations.

What are the benefits of ISO 9001 for Cascades Data Solutions DBA Infomatics India Private?

ISO 9001:2015 standard offers a goldmine of benefits to Cascades Data Solutions DBA Infomatics India Private. These are:

  • The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation of the Quality Management System enhances the company’s reputation and makes it possible for it to compete on an equal footing with its rivals.
  • The organization can use ISO 9001 to ensure they are providing their customers with the greatest products and services. Additionally, it helps an organization project a favorable image in the marketplace and attract new clients, consumers, and businesses.
  • It sets and oversees processes and procedures to cut expenses associated with manufacturing, boost employee morale, and reduce errors.
  • With ISO 9001 certification, companies may demonstrate superior quality standards and get a competitive edge in the market. The accreditation proves a company’s dedication to implementing best practices.


ISO 9001 is a quality management standard that helps Cascades Data Solutions DBA Infomatics India Private win new clients, customers, and businesses. The certification exhibits the organization’s commitment to implementing international best practices to achieve intended outcomes. 


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