Compliance of BAPAL Blagoj DOOEL With ISO 50001:2018 standard


The ISO 50001:2018 energy management system (Energy Management System) accreditation offers a framework for creating best practices in energy management to assist organizations in enhancing their usage, consumption, and efficiency of energy. Certain organizations, like BAPAL Blagoj DOOEL, have come to recognize the potential that comes with the implementation of ISO 50001:2018. The requirement associated with ISO 50001:2018 itself enables organizations to prove their dedication to lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhancing energy efficiency. Moreover for BAPAL Blagoj DOOEL compliance with ISO 50001:2018 have brought about transformation in certain areas like

● Create structures for sustaining and enhancing energy and financial savings
● Encourage organizational initiatives to cut energy use
● Transition to net zero carbon emissions
● Ensure cross-site energy efficiency while monitoring energy usage effectively
● Making the organization’s culture sustainable

It turned crucial for senior management to aggressively monitor, control, and lower energy usage as consumers and companies focus on energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and net zero increases. Since the implementation of ISO 50001:2018 has accomplished this with the aid of ISO 50001:2018 accreditation, which offers a foundation for ongoing advancements in energy management.

Organizations with ISO 50001 certification are able to:

Implement a strategy to cut energy use by a considerable amount during the initial years. Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the carbon footprint, which will boost the company’s reputation and assist in meeting present and upcoming voluntary or required energy efficiency targets. Enhance maintenance procedures and operational efficiencies to cut costs and lower the likelihood of supply disruptions and price spikes in the energy market.

Enhance operational effectiveness and maintenance procedures to lower costs and the likelihood of energy price spikes and supply disruptions. Increasing staff members’ awareness of energy at all levels. For BAPAL Blagoj DOOEL, implementing ISO 50001:2018 has created new avenues for creating a rare customer experience.


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