AIM United Company Ltd. receives ISO 41001:2018 Certification


Facilities Management System (FMS) ISO 41001:2018 accreditation was successfully completed by AIM United Company Ltd. They received the certificate as a reward for their productivity. AIM United Company Ltd. proved throughout this phase that it had the necessary personnel and an effective operational approach to meet the standards.

Responsible organizations like AIM United Company Ltd. have achieved the distinction of being the first in their respective industry to embrace the most recent quality standards. AIM United Company Ltd. too viewed this endeavour as a crucial step towards reaching excellence, one of the organization’s guiding principles. Acknowledging that one of the operational and professional specialties with the fastest global growth is FM. As a responsible organization, they believed that adhering to the most recent standard is essential to elevating the practice of FM and creating a difference in the eyes of their clients.

As ISO 41001:2018 was released in April 2018, AIM United Company Ltd. responded quickly to follow the endeavour soon after. Since their inception, they had adhered to a strict framework for organizing and providing FM services, and they were convinced that they could meet the new standards. The new guidelines they inherited have strengthened them to further deliver exemplary service to their clients.

Following the April 2018 release of ISO 41001:2018, AIM United Company Ltd. reacted promptly to continue the effort shortly after to get ISO 41001:2018 compliant. They are now better equipped to continue providing their customers with exceptional service thanks to the new rules they inherited.

AIM United Company Ltd. has formalized several business verticals across a wide range of services in Design, Engineering, BIM Modelling Services, Contracting, Construction, Infrastructure, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning for Electromechanical MEP works, HVAC, Maintenance for all Mechanical and Electrical works including HVAC works, Facility Management Services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.


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