The African division of the World Cup qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, for the national member teams of the Confederation (CAF). There are a total of 5 slots available to CAFteams.

Which nations are still eligible to win the 2022 FIFA World

Cup in Qatar?

Thirteen teams have qualified for this winter’s tournament in Qatar, but there are a lot of places left—19, to be exact—to land. Only the host country, 10 UEFA teams, and two CONMEBOL teams got a mathematical spot in the upcoming tournament. Each confederation still has its window of opportunity, and some, like CONCACAF, the CAF, and the AFC, still have their seats at stake. From now until the end of March, with two exceptions, the tournament places will be confirmed, with only the intercontinental playoffs to be concluded as the draw for the World Cup begins April 3rd.

Which teams qualified for this year’s World Cup?

So far, 13 teams have made it to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar, the host country qualifies automatically and made its first appearance in the tournament, joining 12 other qualifying nations via competitive places.

The following countries are guaranteed to have a spot in the

2022 tournament:

1. Qatar

2. Germany

3. Denmark

4. Brazil

5. France

6. Belgium

7. Croatia

8. Spain

9. Serbia

10. England

11. Switzerland

12. the Netherlands

13. Argentina

14. Iran

Qualifying for the CAF World Cup:

The African Confederation is midway through the African Cup of Nations, taking a break from the qualifying. No, the African group has fully qualified for the draw for the final round has just started. The last 10 remaining squads after the previous lap went into the final stage, each paired with another country to participate in a two-legged match, with each winner earning a seat. Top-level meetings such as Egypt vs. Senegal, Nigeria vs. Ghana, and Cameroon vs. Algeria highlighted the last CAF qualification round.  Countries such as Ivory Coast, South Africa, Gabon, and Burkina Faso, among others, are already eliminated from the debate.

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier:

The final qualifying round of CONCACAF presents the eight nations that remain in contention for a place in the competition. The first three qualify directly, whereas the fourth qualifies for the intercontinental playoffs. With six games remaining, Canada currently dominates the group, hoping to advance to its first World Cup since 1986, while the United States and Mexico follow closely. Everything is tight at the top, with any one of the top four seeking a good chance to qualify. A gap started to develop between the third and fourth place, leaving the top three teams in an excellent position to obtain qualifications soon. Panama and Costa Rica are struggling for the intercontinental playoff spot, while the odds for Jamaica, El Salvador, and Honduras seems bleak.

AFC World Cup Qualifier:

The final round of qualifying for the Asia World Cup is made up of two groups of six each. The top two squads in each group automatically qualify, while the third will play a playoff game to determine the Asian representative in the intercontinental playoff series. Vietnam has been mathematically eliminated from the tournament position, while China, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria can only qualify through the intercontinental place in the playoffs.

  • In Group A: Iran has already achieved this qualification, whereas South Korea can do this soon, thanks to its separation from the rest of the group, with a magic number of four. The third place is much cloudier, with all nations still much in the mixture.
  • In Group B: things are somewhat unclear. Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia are all in strong competition for automatic qualification.  A game between Japan and Saudi Arabia in this January window will be essential to form the first half of the table, while Australia has matches against the two teams above it in the last international window of  March, a pair of games that will decide the fate of the Australians.

Qualifiers for the CONMEBOL World Cup

CONMEBOL only completes a single qualifying round in the World Cup, with the 10 registered confederations eligible to participate.

South America’s qualification was largely dominated in this cycle by the top three teams. Only three of the ten camps currently have positive goal gaps, reflecting the fact that Brazil, Argentina, and Ecuador provided multiple hits each.

That’s to the point where Brazil and Argentina have already claimed places at the 2022 World Cup, and Ecuador may be very close after having already achieved at least one place in the intercontinental qualification.

The rest of the table is in turmoil, and chaos rules. It’s mind-boggling to see the South American powers, Chile, and Colombia so far at the bottom of the table so late in the qualifiers, and Uruguay hasn’t been convincing either. Bolivia, Paraguay, and Venezuela are in the dust, the last two are mathematically eliminated and Bolivia is almost at it.

UEFA World Cup Qualifier

Ten of the 13 European places available for the 2022 World Cup have been secured, but there is still plenty of drama. Over their groups to win seats are Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, and Switzerland.

Among the other 12 countries still in the running, each of them will participate in a mini-tranche of four countries, and a winner will emerge to gain a place in the field this winter. Every game will be a game, with the winner advancing to the next place.

What is shocking is that Italy and Portugal were both taken in the same category, which means that at least one of them is sure to miss a World Cup spot. Also on hand are Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Wales, Scotland, and other countries that finished second in their group in the final round.


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